Indian SSB drives out Nepali families

I heard this news on Kantipur FM yesterday and read more about it on Nepalnews. The Indian border security force aka Seema Surakcha Bal (SSB) is said to have chased away hundreds of Nepali families from their homes. They were living along the Nepal-India border in Dang district of western Nepal. According to the news media, most of the families have no place to go. They are wandering around looking for help.

Greater Nepal
Greater Nepal

How did this happen? As usual, the Indian army (SSB in this case) has reportedly moved the border pillars about 35 meters into Nepali land. It has been reported that about 1800 families are now homeless from some 22 different villages in the region. It was shocking to find out that the SSB guards torched Nepali houses and forced them to leave their homes in their own country. Moreover some displaced families have said that the SSB guards assaulted and raped women.

They said they had been facing atrocities from the SSB for some years now. It became so worse this time that they had to leave their homes. The SSB blocked Nepalis from buying in Indian markets and took away theirs, according to the members of the displaced families. The displaced families are now living in tents at Karri community forest in Satbariaya.

This is yet another example of Indian atrocities Nepalis, living in border regions, have been facing. When our leaders for the new government are still busy trying to get their own people in power so they can use the government facilities, drive expensive cars, live in mansions – these people have no place to spend a night. I hope these ministers or the soon-to-be ministers give more importance to this matter. We belong to a small nation, but a great one! We belong to a handful of countries in the world that could not be colonized even by the British. Netajyu haru (नेताज्युहरु), Nepalis are still ready to defend and stand up for their motherland; please don’t get intimidated by these Indian pricks.

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  1. first of all thanx for sharing the issue.

    I am equally concern with this issue like you and many other Nepalese. my heart goes out for those families out there who have gone through this nightmare – brought to us by Indian crooks.

    My hands cant reach there, my voice can rebuild that, but with a little hope i want to share u’re pain and wand to tell you people out there in my country that My support is with you all, and like me there are may other friends whose heart are broken with this crual act of indians upon us.

    Our voice might be low, we might be small geographically , but i want to remind them that dont forget that you indians were slaves of British, and dont forget that you are immoral ill’s living close to us, our country though being small have helped u evils many many times combatting with others to save you land.

    Dont forget that its not a size of land that matters to win, it’s the mind and the sprit do somthing and hope you know Brave gorkhas well.

    Any wayz i dont want to spend my time pouring the frustration. Jut wanted to share that like me there are may nepalies ready to defend the country and fight if needed.

  2. If they are demanding their land on the basis of 600 year old history, then we have full right to demand our land on the basis of 356BC year old History, because Ashoka the Great had captured the complete Nepal.

    It is just a Plot to spoil relation between, India and Nepal. They say, that the treaties they signed was with British India, Not India. I say, ok the treaties have been signed with British India, but on the other part, who signed it?? Nepal( declared in 1761). Why did you sign the treaty??? Treaties are Not made to be changed whenever you want!

    1. mr. arjun ji ,

      do you know that there was a treaty between your government and nepal after you got independence which is so called “peace and friendship treaty”

      in that treaty in article viii its clearly stated that the sugauli treaty will be voli and the nepal will be what it was befor captured by british have a look at that :

      Treaty of Peace and Friendship, Kathmandu, July 31, 1950

      THE government of India and the Government of Nepal, recognising the ancient ties which have happily existed between the two countries for centuries;

      Desiring still further to strengthen and develop these ties and to perpetuate peace between the two countries;

      Have resolved therefore to enter into a Treaty of Peace and Friendship with each other and have, for this purpose, appointed as their plenipotentiaries the following persons, namely,

      The Government of India:

      His Excellency Shri Chandreshwar Prasad Narain Singh, Ambassador of India in Nepal.

      The Government of Nepal:

      Maharaja Mohun Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana, Prime Minister and Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Nepal,

      who, having examined each other’s credentials and found them good and in due form have agreed as follows:

      Article I

      There shall be everlasting peace and friendship between the Government of India and the Government of Nepal. The two Governments agree mutually to acknowledge and respect the complete sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of each other.

      Article II

      The two Governments hereby undertake to inform each other of any serious friction or misunderstanding with any neighbouring state likely to cause any breach in the friendly relations subsisting between the two Governments.

      Article III

      In order to establish and maintain the relations referred to in Article I the two Governments agree to continue diplomatic relations with each other by means of representatives with such staff as is necessary for the due performance of their functions.

      The representatives and such of their staff as may be agreed upon shall enjoy such diplomatic privileges and immunities as are customarily granted by international law on a reciprocal basis:

      Provided that in no case shall these be less than those granted to persons of a similar status of any other State having diplomatic relations with either Government.

      Article IV

      The two Governments agree to appoint Consuls-General, Consuls, Vice-Consuls and other consular agents, who shall reside in towns, ports and other places in each other’s territory as may be agreed to.

      Consuls-General, Consuls, Vice-Consuls and consular agents shall be provided with exequaturs or other valid authorisation of their appointment. Such exequatur or authorisation is liable to be withdrawn by the country which issued it, if considered necessary. The reasons for the withdrawal shall be indicated wherever possible.

      The persons mentioned above shall enjoy on a reciprocal basis all the rights, privileges, exemptions and immunities that are accorded to persons of corresponding status of any other State.

      Article V

      The Government of Nepal shall be free to import, from or through the territory of India, arms, ammunition or warlike material and equipment necessary for the security of Nepal. The procedure for giving effect to this arrangement shall be worked out by the two Governments acting in consultation.

      Article VI

      Each Government undertakes, in token of the neighbourly friendship between India and Nepal, to give to the nationals of the other, in its territory, national treatment with regard to participation in industrial and economic development of such territory and to the grant of concessions and contracts relating to such development.

      Article VII

      The Governments of India and Nepal agree to grant, on a reciprocal basis, to the nationals of one country in the territories of the other the same privileges in the matter of residence, ownership of property, participation in trade and commerce, movement and other privileges of a similar nature.

      Article VIII

      So far as matters dealt with herein are concerned, this Treaty cancels all previous treaties, agreements and arrangements entered into on behalf of India between the British Government and the Government of Nepal.

      Article IX

      This treaty shall come into force from the date of signature by both Governments.

      Article X

      This Treaty shall remain in force until it is terminated by either party by giving one year’s notice.

      (At a Press Conference in New Delhi on 3rd December 1959 Prime Minister Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru disclosed that letters were exchanged along with the signing of the Treaty which have been kept secret – Editor)

      (Foreign Policy of India, Text of Documents; Lok Sabha Secretariat, New Delhi: 1966: 56-58)

      before writing any comments please measure your level of knowledge thats a request from a gurkha

  3. Nepal is a sweet potato between two stone so Nepal do the treaty under pressure of British not the India who was already lost and a coward the brave Nepali never give up until end of the life. the treaty of sugauli is so humiliating that if it was under my power i destroy the countries which humiliate and disgrace brave Gurkha. i know my hands can’t reach to teach lesson to those who are against my motherland “Nepal” but i can unite Nepal and raise voice. brave nepali is ready to any thing for our insult and they are so angry about those who don’t want nepal to progress. nepal was independent and still independent .

    we are free from the begining and soverienti is in our blood.

    solute for great Nepal.

  4. well its good to hear the actual situation of border but its toooooooo bad to hear the problems facing by the nepalese people. due to these ass hole minister we cannot do any thing so dont beg anything with them because they r the dog where we give our own food n live in our home tooooooo but they work for others so its better to kick out the dogs from the house or kill it as soon as possible we can.may be u got it what i wanna say.the government will not do anything for the public they just do for themselves but we public have the power to defeat these in my view we all nepalese should be together except the political party because they r not pure nepalese they r the dog of the street. we r ready for ever to help each other because we all r son of our mother n we should save out mother in any condition.

  5. Nepal is the country having unity in diversity and we should unite now for our country otherwise it will be late. The political parties will not do any thing for our country. They only want their party not country so now people should do something for Nepal.


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