Information Ministry Bans Screening of ‘Badhshala’


As per the order from the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Information and Communications have banned the screening of Nepali movie Badhshala citing the contents of the film shows misuse of Nepal Army uniform.

The Ministry has sent a letter sent to Nepali Cinema Development Board, directing to ban the movie.

Earlier, the Nepal Army had drawn the attention of the Information Ministry towards the film saying that Badhshala is against the Film Production, Broadcasting and Distrubution Act.

“As the film was produced without informing the concerned bodies, the ministry has been requested not to provide permission for screening the movie and to stop the screening even if the theatres have been given permission,” the Information Ministry said in the letter.

Scheduled to be released on March 8 (Falgun 25) under the banner of Smashing Apple as announced in its trailer, Badhshala has been directed by controversial filmmaker Manoj Pandit and stars Saugat Malla, Arpan Thapa, Anup Baral and Dayahang Rai among others.

Here’s the trailer of  Badhshala:

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