Instagramming Food Photos Helps Teenager Recover From Eating Disorder

While many Instagram users have been criticized for posting photos of food, regular or exquisite delicacies, a teenager in Singapore has used the photo-sharing app as a medium to recover from an eating disorder. Gan Chin Lin’s Instagram account is a visual smorgasbord of cool, edible creations and is every foodie’s dream. She chose the process of co

oking, baking and shooting her eye-popping dishes to get better and advocate healthy lifestyle.

insta food
Her pumpkin “Despicable Me”-inspired pancakes and vegan red velvet cakes

The 15-year-old, who calls herself an “advocate for a healthy, nourished lifestyle” mentions in the Instagram blog, “I used my love for food to pull me up and spur me on to a full recovery and now it has evolved into a full blown passion.”

Lin’s account — which has amassed over 78,000 followers — documents her decadent food masterpieces. Her personal blog includes recipes, where you can find specific instructions for making a “beautifully golden bronzed waffle with crisp burnished pockets.”

In an article on, she is quoted as saying, “I started from researching recipes and basic food concepts and adapting them to make my own recipes. Now I’m beginning to branch out into creating my own.”

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