Interview with Guru Kedar Baral


Guru Kedar Baral is a renowned spiritual preacher from Okhaldunga, Nepal. He practices Shamanism, also known as Dhaami-Jhakri in Nepal, and has been predicting future of millions of people across Nepal and currently in the United States.

He was invited to Dallas by Nepalis living in DFW Metroplex and we met him on May 31, 2010 in Euless. In the video interview posted below he tells about how he was taken to a jungle by a Ban Jhakri for seven months where he learned the techniques of Dhaami-Jhakri and how he has been using the knowledge he gained to treat people as well as predict their future.

More about Guru Kedar Baral can be found from his website


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  1. Guruji,


    I trust in shamanism, I have read several interviews of yours and I think u r awesome shaman who has clean heart to serve people. Thanks for being such a helpful person. Please bless my family with good health.

    Richa Sharma

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