Interview with Nilanjana Rana

NilanjanaNilanjana Rana is a doctor by profession yet loves music. She says she loves doing both things — being a doctor she gets to help needy patients while her music brings her closer to people. She performed during the 29th ANA Convention in Washington DC and received a very good response from the audience. She hopes to perform at such events in the future as she plans to continue her passion for music.

Nilanjana started singing from an early age at Radio Nepal. Her first album “Sounds from my Heart” has slow rock music and features melodious songs with Nhyoo Bajracharya’s music composition. She has been donating proceeds from the sale of the album to a school for under privileged children in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Below is a short interview with Nilanjana shot on the last day of ANA Convention 2011 in Washington DC. We wish her good luck with her singing career and thank her for the time she set aside to talk with us.

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