Itahari Chimney Collapse Kills 8 People, Over A Dozen Injured

A burning chimney collapsed at the New Jaya Nepal brick kiln in Itahari on Monday (December 14, 2015). The mishap has killed up to 8 people and injured 24, reports The Kathmandu Post.

itahari brick kiln chimney collapse

According to police, the death toll reached eight after the death of Mustafa Alam Miya at the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan on the night of the incident.

Garibalal Paswan, 50, Mithilesh Paswan, 35, Salun Miya, 16, Sagdam Hussain, 15, and 12-year-old Rahul from Indian state of Bihar have been confirmed as the deceased by the police. The dead also include Galadidevi Chaudhary, 60, of Ekamba area of Itahari-16 and Shiva Narayan Chaudhary of Pakali of Itahari-20.

The bodies of the dead are being kept at the BP Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan. Those who remained trapped under the debris of the chimney were rescued with help of an excavator, police and the locals.

The condition of the 17 injured is reported to be critical and they are being treated in different hospitals.

The workers with minor injuries were sent to health centres and institutes in Inaruwa and Itahari. Police assume the technical fault related to the erection of the chimney as contributing to the tragedy. Investigations into the incident have been launched, police said.


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