KFC & Pizza Hut Shut Down In Kathmandu

Run by franchisee  Devyani Multinational Nepal, the outlets of multinational food chain KFC and Pizza Hut in Kathmandu have been shut down until further notice, including both the restaurants at Durbarmarg and Thapathali and Cream Bell ice-cream.

Shutter Down!!! KFC Nepal!! (Photos: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal)

According to a statement released by the company, for quite some time, employees of these outlets had not been providing service to the customers as per the brands’ standard, been discourteous to their superiors and even threatened to kill them. Only recently on Shrawan 29, some of them beat up the company’s HR head Krishna Sharma at the premises of Department of Labour confiscating several original documents and their photocopies. The company has now pressed charges against the employees involved in the felonies.

Therefore, due to security concerns of other staff, the restaurants have been announced closed from Shrawan 30.

Shutter Down of KFC Restaurant Outlet on Bluebird Complex, Thapathali, Kathmandu. (Photos: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal)
Empty PHD on Bluebird Complex, Thapathali, Kathmandu. (Photos: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal)
Locked Shutter of KFC at Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, Nepal. (Photos: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal)
Cream Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut of Durbar Marg Shutdown for unlimited period. (Photos: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal)
KFC Shutter Down!!! (Photos: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal)
KFC and Pizza Hut of Nepal have been shutdown until further noticed. (Photos: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal)

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  1. People are stupid in Nepal that’s why we can never progress whether in terms of ideology, culture or even advancement of our traditional lifestyle.

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