Legend’s Life On Screen

Based on Bhajan Shiromani Bhakta Raj Acharya’s real life story, the highly anticipated film Acharya has finally been released.  The riveting drama depicts the events that have occurred in the music legend’s journey thus far.

Among many factors, the main highlight of the movie is, of course, its original soundtrack which includes the legendary singer’s original singles. Also in his composition, there are two new songs performed by Satya and his brother Swaroop. The background score has been provided by Amar Mohile. portraying his father’s role in the film is Acharya’s son singer Satya Raj Acharya.

The biographical movie, which has been directed by Prashant Rasaily and produced by Roshan Rai, has been getting positive reviews so far. Satya’s acting has mostly been praised.


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