Let’s Ride ‘Sajha Bus’ Once Again

Just when we were hoping for some changes in the local transportation, we get the news of Sajha Yatayat (SY) resuming its operation. If everything goes as planned, residents of the Kathmandu Valley will get to commute by its buses from mid-February.

File Photo Courtesy: Sajha Yatayat official Website

The SY cooperative had once earned endearment of people across the country by operating reliable and affordable transport services across the country and now it is striving to do the same. It has already ordered 50 buses from Tata Motors of India and the vehicles are likely to be delivered by February first week.

Not only will the buses be new but they will also be more advanced in comparison to the existing public buses. According to Mahendra Raj Pandeya, manager of SY cooperative, “All the buses will have fifty-five passenger seats. They will also have LCD televisions, CCTV cameras and ticket display systems. They will have two separate doors for entry and exit.”

The SY cooperative has invested Rs 60 million for the new buses. The government has also lent its support for the resumption of the service.

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