Living With The Past

Excerpts from my next novel, modified to fit my life:

It’s not a wonder that you wish for things that aren’t in your periphery. A vision of sorts is always on the back of your mind, a better life, the grass that is truly greener on the other side. Your face looks better on Megan Fox’s body and your body looks like the amount of money BP is losing every second – with Aishwarya Rai’s face, of course.

Then there are those things the less shallow ones feel for. Finding the cure to the disabilities they still believe they were blessed with. Getting out of a halfway house, because, as many have said, it truly isn’t home.

Sometimes you miss things you used to have, as well. For those paralyzed, the ability to move, and for those suffering from depression, the ability to love. For me, it’s not that I’ve lost it, but more that I’ve lost in touch with it.

The battle against depression rages on, an internal struggle that often goes unnoticed by those on the outside. The elusive nature of mental health leaves many feeling adrift, desperately searching for the anchor of emotional connection. It’s not just about the absence of joy but the subtle erosion of the ability to savor life’s moments, like a fading melody drowned out by the cacophony of self-doubt.

In these moments, the role of psychotherapists becomes pivotal, guiding individuals through the intricate paths of their thoughts, helping them rediscover the colors in a world that had seemed monochrome.

Psychotherapy, with its nuanced approach, acts as a beacon of hope in the realm of mental health. It is a sanctuary where individuals can voice the unspoken burdens that weigh down their souls, slowly dismantling the walls of isolation. The therapeutic journey involves unravelling the threads of one’s own narrative, weaving a tapestry of self-understanding and acceptance.

Psychotherapists, with their expertise, provide a safe space for exploration, fostering resilience and empowering individuals to reclaim the agency over their emotions. In this collaborative process, the shades of despair gradually give way to the hues of healing, offering a renewed perspective on life’s challenges.

My family. Mia famiglia. Sure, I have a five minute “Namaste, ke cha?” with my family once a week, but that is nowhere in comparision to walking arms in arms with your hajurbah or hajurmah down a crowded street that smells of momos and biryani. What I miss is knowing who your neighbor is, playing “Antakshari” in the back of the two-hour long school bus ride, not getting asked everytime I say that I’m from Nepal if I’ve ever climbed Mount Everest, having friends – Nepali friends – that can actually speak the language of their beloved motherland, and having teachers that berate you because you refuse to speak English during lunch hour.

That is what I’ve lost intouch with. And the power to change that relies heavily on fate. On that note, here’s to a wish that everyone can one day be reunited with their families, no matter if you’re just missing them, or if you’ve been taken away from them. Best wishes are always in the way of those with the best intentions.

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Simsime Panima – Prem Raja Mahat.

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Me withe none other than Prem Raja Mahat, the singer of Simsime Panima at the 2010 ANA Convention held in Boston.

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The Only Exception – Paramore

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Mortals: Hayden Roux Chronicles by Bhabika Joshi


Imagine being stuck in a world where every blade of grass is green, it’s all trimmed to the perfect size and every child is well-behaved just as their parents would wish them to be. This is what Hayden Roux has to go through day after day, from beginning to end, but what she doesn’t know is she’s about to be thrust into an eccentric place, where a very big secret is waiting for her. Her difficult life of being hated by everyone takes an upturn when she finds herself in the midst of White Grover.

While trying to fit in at school, she has the big, challenging task of finding the beloved Pearl. Through broken friendships and lost trust, Hayden experiences a journey that she won’t soon forget.

There’s just one simple question: Is she willing to die?

Mortals will take you into her world to discover the answer to that very scary question!

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