Locals Accuse Woman of Witchery, Beat Her

Despite all the awareness programs about not accusing others of being a witch, there are still incidents happening where a woman is mistreated over false accusations. The latest one has taken place at Betini in Nuwakot.

The locals there shaved the head of the woman and beat her black and blue, the District Police Nuwakot reports.

Police have arrested Sunimaya Tamang, 35, and Manmaya Tamang, 31, the head of the women´s gang involved in this misdeed after the victim filed a petition in the district police office.

The locals had shaved the head of the victim with the sickle and nearly forced her to eat stool and urine on October 25, accusing her of being a witch.

According to the Deputy Superintendent of Police in Nuwakot, Arun Poudel, police are taking necessary action against the two women of the gang.Police are identifying the other people involved in the incident.



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