Make-up Necessity v/s Toxicity — Balance it Wisely

Being woman is not easy, especially, in the morning. You know what I mean. Hair and make-up take time!!!

Most of the women around the world spend some time to put on make-up, almost all of ‘em do. I am not make-up savvy nor I use it the most, but I do use basics like Moisturizer, Primer, Face concealer, face powder, under-eye concealer, lid color, and sometimes may be more on daily basis.

It might seem excessive for men, but for us not a single day starts without this. According to me, I am protecting/perfecting/concealing flaws on my face and presenting the best of myself to the world everyday. It’s almost like I require it to function myself better.

But, I might have poisoned myself with those products. I came across with these rumors very recently in some “health report.” They are saying that I not only irritated my skin or added more vulnerability to Leukemia, but also made myself more susceptible to acquire cancer and eventually death. Shocking, isn’t it? Who in the world wants to die from wearing make-up? I personally found a little hard to find. So, I decided to dig a little deeper to find out the truth. And, there is no reason, not to enlighten some other concerned individuals, when I am already informed.

These are things that I have heard and found.

—->Lots of colored eye-shadows are made of coal-tars (made of Toxic) which contains benzene, which gives us Leukemia.

The truth is eye-shadows that are made of coal-tar only contain 5% or less benzene. I am not really sure how benzene gives leukemia but turned out, it is a long process until we acquire Leukemia from wearing eye-shadows. we need to wear 33 times more than we normally wear everyday for our entire life.

—->Talcs, the powdery stuff found on eye-shadow, can be lethal since, it contains asbestos, which causes lung cancer. But, turned out, it was a false report. Talcs’, if given to babies, it will suffocate babies. Wise thing is not to snort on them

—->Make-ups are not meant to last long. But, Companies wants their products to endure longer period, otherwise, not lucrative, so they rely on strong preservatives. The ingredients that are found are suspected to be carcinogenic, DNA damaging, or potential allergens.

In reality, preservatives like formaldehyde are supposed to postpone the degradation process just by reacting with other ingredients. —-Preservatives are put in the product for the safety purpose. Products are safe until they are on a package, but as soon as we open, preservative (formaldehyde) starts reacting with air (other ingredients like oxygen, nitrogen), the degradation process paces up. Some products are packed with vitamin rich ingredients and enough water to liquefy/moisturize, even just by touching them with hand might contaminate make-up. Just a moistly surface is enough for bacteria to thrive. Germs are beast, they survive anyplace where there is water, and even a little-bitty droplet has millions of bacteria.

—->Mascaras and eyeliners are bad because they cause itching, swelling, and lesions. In this case, I do have a personal experience of “itching. “ I did not find any information about these; looks like nobody have examined it yet. But, I think I can handle itchiness as I agree with what Christian Dior provocative statement. “Even if stranded in deserted island, a woman should never be without mascara.”

Now, I am almost relief to find out that if enough care is given, I can be safe. But, I am still in the hunt of finding good, wholesome, make-up. Who knows what’s next? –“Better be safe than sorry” Or is it not safe?-Apparently there are some people advocating “better safe than sorry” mantra these banner. I personally did not think people are listening to them at all. But, you got the idea, make-up’s are not necessarily poison. Some people, especially celebrity, spend fortune on make-up. How can it be so bad, after all?

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  1. I think the best way to stay safe is to check out their expiration date.. Also removing make up every night is very essential.. some of the things we can do to stay safe 🙂

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