Marijuana Farming In Dhading Destroyed by Police

Police have started a special operation to destroy commercial marijuana marijuanafarming in Dhading that is used to prepare hashish, purified drugs made from the plant.

Their teams assigned to the southern Pida and Kiranchok VDCs of the district since Friday destroyed marijuana farming that was spreading across some one thousand ropanis of land.

DSP Prakash Malla at the District Police Office, Dhading informed that a special team comprising of 65 police personnel deployed from the DPO started wiping out the illegal farming since Friday.

According to him, approximately 400 ropanis of marijuana farming in Pida-8, 350 ropainis in Pida-9 and 250 ropanis of marijuana farming in Kiranchok-7 have been destroyed by the police team.

Marijuana farming has been practiced in several highlands of the district along with the adjoining Chitwan and Makwanpur districts under the Mahabharat hill range since years.

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