Mass Gathering And Candle Lighting For Peace, Harmony and Prosperity

Keeping in mind the ongoing dispute in the country regarding ethnicity and political issues, Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) organised a mass gathering “Rastriya Sadbhav Sabha” for peace and feeling of national equality on May 23, Wednesday.

 Previously to be held at Basantapur, the gathering took place at Durbarmarg where all the people wanting for peace, harmony and prosperity made their presence. The message was of everyone’s wish for liveable Nepal, to have the constitution written on time, stop bandhs forever and maintain national unity and equality to be realized. There were also performances by artistes such as 1974AD who performed their hit “Yo Maan Ta Mero Nepali Ho”.

The program came to an end with everyone lighting candles for the betterment of the country.

Yogeshwor Amatya
Deepak Raj Giri

Sunil Thapa, Satya Raj Acharya, Sworup Raj Acharya


Photos: Nirnit Tandukar/, Manjil Tandukar

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