Mero Rajesh Dai – Nepali Movie

Neplai Movie “Mero Rajesh Dai ”

Starring : Rajesh Hamal, Arunima Lamsal, Shital K.C., Harihar Sharma, Hemanta Budhathoki, Heuwala Gautam, Nagendra Rijal, Ramchandra Adhikari and Sagar Suncheuri.

SYNOPSIS: Mero Rajesh is melodramatic Movie that is about romance and brotherly love shown between the two leading male leading characters played by Rajesh Hamal and Shital K.C. Though it is a very wonderfully structured romantic movie where true love against all odds are shown between the characters played by Arunima Lamsal and Shital K.C., it also exhibits how an older brother’s love would be for his younger sibling.

The Movie shows how after the death of their parents, Rajesh Hamal does his best and works really hard to take care of his younger brother and make sure that he grows up to be a responsible person. However, the character played by Shital K.C. of the younger brother grows up to be an irresponsible and rebellious adult.

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