MUSIC VIDEO: Singer Komal Oli’s Emotional Teej Song ‘Pani Nakhai’

Among many things we look forward to during Teej every year is a new song dedicated to the festival by none other than Komal Oli! Yes, the popular folk singer always offers something to talk about this time of the year. Sometimes she raises eyebrows with controversial singles like Poilo Jana Pam and Disco Ma Teej and other times, she goes full-on EDM for her Teej song. However, this time around, Oli has toned the excitement down a bit in her latest single Pani Nakhai featuring Ajay Adhikari. The new Teej song finds the singer get solemn about the purpose behind fasting on the day of the festival involving characters of a wife and husband. The wife insists on following a tradition by staying on an empty stomach throughout the day for the betterment of her spouse while the husband tries to convince her why it isn’t necessary for her to do so.

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