MUSIC VIDEO: ‘Singha Durbar’ OST: ‘Yo Karmabhumiko Aanganma’

The very long wait is going to be to an end as the upcoming television series portraying the first female Prime Minister of Nepal is going to hit the small screen very soon. Starring Gauri Malla in the lead, the official launch of Singha Durbar is being held on November 3, 2015 at Jai Nepal Hall, Naxal while the show itself is scheduled to air from mid November.

So while we eagerly look forward to meet Prime Minister Asha Singh, do take a listen to the song featured in its original soundtrack. Originally performed by Deepak Kharel, written by Rajendra Rijal, and composed by Sambhujeet Baskota, it’s the cover of the classic Yo Karmabhumiko Aanganma by Santosh Lama and Milan Amatya.

The video features some of the cast of the 13-episode series that is a joint production of Search For Common Ground Nepal and Mila Productions, with financial support by USAID.

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