Muslim leader shot dead in broad daylight

In yet another broad daylight incident that challenged security of the capital even more blatantly, Faizan Ahmed Falahi, a young Muslim community leader, was shot dead by two unidentified gunmen in the heart of the city on Monday afternoon.

According to Republica, the 41-year-old general secretary of Islami Sangh Nepal (ISN) was gunned down at about 1:45 pm in front of the Tri-Chandra Campus as he was returning to his ISN office at Durbar Marg after a regular nawaj prayer session at Nepali Jame Masjid at Ratnapark. He was declared dead upon arrival at Bir Hospital nearly half an hour after the incident.

The assailants had riddled Faizan with bullets after having waited for at least an hour at the corner facing Kamaladi area. Eyewitnesses painted the sequence of events as something seen in a gangster movie reports the national daily.

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