Nabil Bank’s Two Crore Robbed

Cash amounting to Rs 2, 31, 6000 was robbed when it was on its way from Nabil Bank, Mahendra branch to Nepal Rastriya Bank branch over there. Robbers looted from the bank’s vehicle Ma 1 Cha, 146 on December 10, 2013, Tuesday, as reported by Police.

Source: Annapurna Post
Source: Annapurna Post

On the east-west highway, two men dressed in policemen’s uniform stopped the vehicle and stole the cash with the excuse of checking at Attariyabazaar.

According to the primary investigation,  two armed robbers stopped the vehicle near the Godavari Bridge of Kailali’s Attariyabazaar, tied the hands of four people in the vehicle and left the vehicle abandoned in a jungle.


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  1. थुक्क नेपाल को सुरछ्या नेपाल प्रहरि र नेपाली सेन छैन कागायो हुनता यस्तो सवाल गर्दा हामीलाई केथा डाँका लाग्छ भनेर भन्छ नेपाल प्रहरि र सेन लुटेरा को केदोस् म एक्लेइ गयो भने पनि लुत्दिन्छु तर लुत्न नदिने सुरछ्या दिने कामतासेना र प्रहरि को होनी ठुलो ठुलो कुरा गरेर मात्र हुन्छ

  2. यदि यो डाँका लाई समौन सक्इयन भने सेनरा प्रहरि को बिश्वास हामी बाट उठछ याद राख्नु जनता चुप लागेर बस्देइन

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