Nagma Shrestha Placed Third Runner-Up At World Miss University

Nagma Shrestha Becomes Third Runner-up at the 27th World Miss University 2016

The grand finale for the 27th World Miss University 2016 was held in China yesterday (January 27, 2016) and Nepal representative Nagma Shrestha placed as the third runner-up at the pageant.

Nagma Shrestha places fourth at 27th World Miss University 2016

Nagma Shrestha Places Fourth At 27th World Miss University 2016

Apart from placing fourth at the international contest, Nagma, who announced the news through her Facebook page, also won the title of Miss Fitness.

The 24-year-old TV presenter/producer at Image Channel had placed as the first runner-up at Miss Nepal 2012 when Shristi Shrestha was crowned as a the winner. Nagma is a Goodwill Ambassador at both Uyalo Foundation and Childreach Nepal.

Congratulations to Nagma Shrestha for bestowing Nepal with another international recognition!

Details to follow.

Photo source: Nagma Shrestha Facebook Page


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