Neerakar’s Culinary Journey- Nick’s Palate

Simply thumbing through all of Neerakar Uprety’s photos is a good way to see the variety of foods that can be made using a few simple styles, so states CNN’s eatocracy.

This section of CNN dedicated to food is referring to Neerakar Uprety’s food blog called Nick’s Palate. Uprety shared his adventure with CNN iReport as part of the Destination Adventure, an ongoing travel project.

In his blog, Uprety, who has been living in Washington DC, shares recipes, discusses flavors and origins of various food items. The beautiful photographs he takes of the foods and their cooking methods work like garnishing for the blog.

Although it’s only a year and a half, his blog “Nicks Palate” boasts a fair share of followers. Once in a while, if something keeps this foodie busy and he is not able to update his blog, his Facebook account is flooded with requests for new recipes.

It’s amazing, however, that this food enthusiast was unaware of the delights of cooking until he reached America.

“I began cooking because I missed my mom-made foods here,” he shares. What started as a compulsion was slowly becoming a fun activity, and before he realized, it had turned into an addiction.

Now he blogs not only on authentic Nepali dishes. Scroll down the recipe list in his blog, and one can also see an array of international cuisines listed out.

The blog follows no particular order and enlists anything that catches Uprety’s eyes. From Panang Chicken Curry from Thailand, Jerk Chicken with Mango Cilantro Salsa from Mexico, Sticky Honey Lemon Ginger Chicken, Pumpkin Tarkari, or his Mom’s special, Alooko Achaar, Uprety’s discoveries are just a few of what the viewers can expect in his blog.

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