Nepal Drops Further Below On Global Corruption Index

Nepal slips further below in corruption index

Nepal has slipped further below on the fresh global corruption index. It has dropped by four positions on the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2015 of Transparency International, continuing to prove to be as one of the most corrupt states in the world.

While Nepal was at the 126th position with a score 29 points in 2014, Nepal in 2015 was placed at the 130th position with a score of 27 points failing to improve both country wise ranking and score.

Nepal was one of 167 countries surveyed by the Berlin-based watchdog which releases annual reports.

Nepal slips down by 4 positions on global corruption index

The CPI measures the extent of corruption within a country on a scale ranging from zero to 100. Countries securing higher scores are rated as the least corrupt and those with low scorers are perceived to be the most corrupt.

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