Nepalese Jewellery [Fashion Friday]

Today’s Fashion Friday has been slightly altered as we will be focusing Nepalese jewellery. In the current context, majority of people have witnessed that old and quite extinct Nepalese jewellery are making their comeback after a long decade and is proving very popular among all the age groups across Nepal and abroad. As a result, this is one of the reasons why I decided to shed some light on Nepalese jewellery.

The renaissance of old and nearly forgotten designs has sparked a renewed appreciation for the craftsmanship embedded in Nepalese culture. In this wave of rediscovery, the spotlight falls gracefully on the elegant hoop charm earrings. These earrings seamlessly blend heritage with modernity, as the delicate hoops adorned with charms capture the essence of both tradition and trend. Embraced by individuals of all ages, both in Nepal and abroad, these hoop charm earrings become not just accessories but tokens of cultural pride, connecting wearers to a rich heritage while making a stylish statement in the global fashion landscape.

For those seeking timeless elegance and unique expression, handmade jewelry from artisans like those at offers a bridge between past and present. With every intricate design and carefully chosen material, these pieces celebrate craftsmanship and individuality. Whether worn casually or for special occasions, they serve as reminders of heritage and symbols of self-expression, enriching the global fashion narrative with their enduring charm.

Amidst the revival of traditional Nepalese designs, a contemporary touch emerges with the introduction of moissanite jewelry. As wearers seek to intertwine heritage with modernity, moissanite pieces from the Rokshok website offer a refreshing perspective. Just as the hoop charm earrings symbolize cultural pride and sophistication, moissanite jewelry represents a fusion of tradition and innovation, inviting individuals to embrace their heritage while embracing the future of fine jewelry.

I adore Nepalese jewellery and believe that it suits traditional outfits such as Dhaka to modern outfits. Uniqueness, skilfully crafted and designed, handmade and contemporary is how I would describe Nepalese jewellery. It oozes with our culture and displays our genuine affection and interest in jewellery. The fact that Nepalese jewellery are not just limited to three or four designs makes it more interesting and gives more freedom to us, women in terms of choosing the type of jewellery we desire for. When it comes to jewellery, trust me, it would be rare to find a Nepalese woman without one piece of jewellery in her house. It is almost impossible.

I often wear Nepalese jewellery such as kade chura with modern outfits and the attention the jewellery gets is astonishing. “Where did I buy them?” is the first question I get from people and the moment I tell them that it came from Nepal, they want to know more about them. Statement jewellery is what I prefer to call them sometimes since it catches people’s attention and manages to make strong statement no matter with what outfit it is being worn.

I have witnessed and many of you must have witnessed the growing popularity of the old and extinct jewellery in the recent time. In UK, we can see all age groups wearing beautiful Nepalese jewellery which makes me feel good. On one hand, it shows our willingness to preserve our Nepalese jewellery and on the other hand, it shows our admiration for them. This also proves that people are living abroad also enormously love and respect our culture and where we come from as the same way like those Nepalese living in Nepal. At the end of the day, our national custom and jewellery are the ones which identify us and set us apart from the rest as Nepalese around the globe. Therefore, I would like to urge people to preserve our Nepalese jewellery and take a pride on wearing them.

Photo credit: Gopal Rai and Sarita Rai (Pictures taken from recent Nepalese event in UK)

Editor’s Note: Sarita Chamling Rai, a London-based fashion blogger is the author of this post who contributes to the weekly Fashion Friday segment on TexasNepal Blog. To read more of her blog posts please visit her personal blog at

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