Nepalese SummerFest in DC from May 25 through May 28, 2012

A team of young Nepalese professionals living around the DC area are organizing Nepalese SummerFest, a 3-day event aimed at promoting Nepalese heritage and culture and bringing Nepalese community together, from May 25 through May 28, 2012 in Washington, DC.

Nepalese SummerFest 2012 (May 25th – May 28th) Highlights

  • Nepalese SummerFest is a 3 day event being held on May 25th through and including May 28th, 2012 in the DC area. SummerFest is organized by team of young Nepalese professionals.
  • Event has been organized to promote Nepalese heritage and culture, bring our Nepalese Community together in the US and Canada, empower people, promote development of Nepal, and celebrate Nepal.
  • SummerFest consists of engaging, entertaining, and educating programs such as a variety of entrepreneur  workshops, forums, cultural programs (dohori, dipesh kishore bhattarai), grand concert(Nepathya and Ayurveda),  Unplugged Night (Phiroj Shyangden and Pramod Lama)sports tournament, kids programs, art exhibition, business vendors, immigration help, Nepali food, professional networking, influential keynote speakers, and more.
  • SummerFest provides an excellent platform for individuals, organizations, and businesses to showcase their talents, ideas, products, services, and causes.
  • SummerFest will be donating generous amounts of profits to a select few charitable organizations doing developmental work in Nepal.
  • SummerFest will also provide free booths during the event to charitable organization that are continuously working in the development of Nepal.
  • Nepathya has been signed for Nepalese SummerFest’s  grand concert an d will be performing live Sunday May 28th 2012.

Nepalese SummerFest

For further information please email the organizing team at [email protected] or visit the event website at

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