Nepali Films Chocolate & Tata Bye-Bye Featured In San Francisco Global Movie Fest


Two Nepali films have been selected to be screened at a film festival being held in the US from 7-16 August this year.

Organized by the Federation of Indo America for the past 21 years, Chocolate and Tata Bye-Bye have become the first Nepali movies to get entry into the San Francisco Global Movie Fest.

The 10-day long event will feature short films, feature films, and documentaries from 30 countries from around the world.

nepali film

Chairman of Gorkha International Group USA and Taekwondo instructor Prakash Thapa has been appointed as the Global Director by the organisers of the festival. According to Thapa, Nepali films will have the opportunity to participate in the following editions of the festival as well too. He also confirmed that actors Sunil Thapa (Tata Bye-Bye) and Pujana Pradhan (Chocolate) will be attending the film festival.

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