Nepali Films On Indian Television

Looking at the recent Nepali movie releases, we’ve been saying that a new wave ¬†has swept over our film industry and that our pictures will soon be of international quality. Yes, true but such a change is a process more than an end result. And now we’re finally getting to witness that. Patent to two of the Nepali blockbusters Loot and Chapali Height has been sold to the Indian television channel Star Gold.

Directed by Nischal Basnet, Loot received critical acclaim for its gripping storyline while Dpendra K Khanal directed film Chapali Height managed to gross even more than Loot at the opening weekend.

No details have been revealed regarding the crime drama Loot but sources say the rights to screen Chapali Height have been sold to the channel for Rs 20 Lakhs. Although advance payment has already been made, agreements are yet to be signed. Hence, viewers will have to wait for a while before they can actually watch it on their telly.

The total price for which the rights have been sold may not be enough as dubbing, mixing and re-recording of the movie’s soundtrack to Hindi version need to be completed¬†for the very amount. Length of the story and script will not changed.

Nonetheless, a Nepali film being aired in an international television in itself is a huge milestone for us. Let us all hope this gives an encouragement to all the upcoming filmmakers to come up with better pictures in days to come.

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