Nepali running for US Congress – Interview with Darshan Rauniyar

Darshan RauniyarDarshan Rauniyar, a Nepali-American, is running as a Democratic candidate for the 2012 election in Washington State’s first Congressional district. He is probably the first Nepali contesting for the US Congress.

Mr. Rauniyar grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal and came to the United States about 20 years ago as an engineering student at Oregon State University. “As an international student, life was very hard when I came to this country”, says Darshan who is very proud to call himself a living example of the American Dream.

Darshan has been active in county and district level Demorcatic Party politics for almost a decade now. He says he got into politics because he wants to see his kids grow up in the same America that he came to, the land of opportunity that attracts people from around the world. He says, “Today America is not what it was when I first came to this country”.

He wants to be the voice of millions of Americans who are frustrated with growing unemployment, poor health care system, immigration problems and so on which he thinks are happening because of bad policies coming out of Washington DC. He has prioritized healthcare and employment opportunities as his electoral agenda and is seeking support from Nepali societies in America for his candidacy.

For more details about Darshan Rauniyar, his candidacy and to learn how you can help him please visit his official campaign website at

Below is an interview video with Darshan Rauniyar shot during ANA Convention 2011 in Washington DC.

Interview Video

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  1. I don’t know why nepali people are so jealous and selfish ………did u even recognize what MR .Drashan Rauniyar mean to NEPAL and it’s People………..he has made our country name in confident list…….as” if he can do then why can’t u all!!!!!!! What u all say if he would have been in Nepal can we people would able to be familiar with him??? He would have been in same list as all brilliant engineer are here in Nepal…….but not able to prove themselves what they actually r ????

    So I plz plz request u allll……..rather then rude behavior support him in each n every step!!!!!!

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