Nepali teen to be named smallest man in the world

Khagendra Thapa Magar is just two feet tall and will be named the smallest man in the world in four months time when he turns 18. He has been given the nick name “Little Buddha”. He is from Baglung district. Besides from the malfunctioning of his pituitary gland, which caused his dwarfness, he is very healthy. He loves to dance and is very interested in Karate.

Khagendra and his family had applied to the Guinness World Records in 2006, but the application was denied because he was not 18 then. Now that he turns 18 in four months, Guinness World Records has to identify him as the smallest man in the world in four months time. He is looking forward to traveling to the United States once declared the smallest man in the world. He says when in US he wants to show his dance moves and also prove to the world how good he is at Karate. His exact height is 2ft and 5 inches and weighs 10 pounds only. Below are some photographs of Khagendra published on the online edition of the Telegraph, UK.






[Via Telegraph – Original Post]

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