New Band In Town: Supersonics

Few days ago, story hit the news that 1974AD had come up with another new band. This sent alarming rumours among fans whether one of the most prominent Nepali rock bands were no more or current vocalist Adrian Pradhan had been replaced. But no worries, you can give those rumours a rest as neither of  them is true.

Supersonics is a group that consists of Subani Moktan on vocals, Nirakar Yakthumba on bass, Manoj Kumar Kc on guitars, Sanjay Shrestha on drums, Mariano Abello on sax, and Santosh Gharana on Eastern percussions. According to drummer Shrestha, the newly formed outfit is completely a side project of the 1974AD members. However, it has nothing to do with the Nepali Ho hitmakers. It is a separate entity of its own.

He further added that they had just started out as a band and that it is still in its initial processing stage. Nonetheless, they intend to have few songs  recorded soon enough.

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