NEW MUSIC: Listen And Surrender To Bartika Eam Rai’s ‘Khai’

Who is an artist? Is it someone who comes along in your life with a wave of inspiration while you are busy running after the things that probably matter the least? Inspires you to see the world and life as they are rather than how the society imposes they ought to be? Perhaps. And if you think so too, then here’s someone whose music you should let into your mind, body, and soul.

Singer Bartika Eam Rai is one of the latest discoveries in Nepali music, who has been receiving rave reviews for her first single Khai since its lyrics video went viral. Featured in her debut album Bimbaakash, the song has been written and composed beautifully by Rai herself. Not to forget, her compelling vocals. In fact, it’s like our prayers for an extraordinarily talented and a fresh sounding Nepali artist have been answered. As much haunting as its music is, it’s the words of the song that will keep reverberating on your mind once you’re done listening to this masterpiece. It makes you want to think twice about what we’re doing with our lives is worth all our time. My feelings about it can be better described as a Facebook comment I came across recently, I have let her music ‘to plunge into my chest, rip my heart open and make me cry.’

For a music enthusiast myself, an ardent supporter of local music scene, I take Bartika as a ray of hope for Nepali music where the number of quality artists is already quite low.

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