Nisha Adhikari’s Successful Climb To Everest Summit

Nisha Adhikari has become the first Nepali actress to scale Mt. Everest! Adhikari successfully climbed the highest peak in the world on May 21, Tuesday after stepping on the summit at 8:00 am as informed by Tourism Ministry officials. The Sungava star and actor Arjun Karki had left for the Everest base camp on April 9. Karki reached the summit on Monday, May 20.

Photo credit: Nisha Adhikari
Photo credit: Nisha Adhikari

Adhikari had prepared a year in advance for this trip where she went as an assistant of the Chinese expedition team and was accompanied by 11 other people including Karki.

Last month, she had come under controversy for not acquiring a climbing permit from the Ministry of Tourism to the Everest Pollution Control Committee, according to national daily Republica.



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