Overnight Growth In Organic Farming Business

Source: Republica
Source: Republica

Since the government intensified crackdown against pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables, business in organic vegetable stores has been flourishing. The store owners are doing brisk business as more people continue to purchase organic vegetables despite high price. As a result, demand for vegetable slightly down in Kalimati market.

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According to the owner of  an organic farm house in Kapan, their sales have doubled compared to a month ago. They have recorded daily sales of around Rs 12,000 these days. However, an increase in the supply in direct proportion to the rocketing sales cannot be guaranteed.

Similar is the case with capital´s prominent organic store — Organic Agro Bazzar, Durbar Marg. The store, which is being run by Organic Agriculture Promotion Center (OAPC), has also witnessed significant growth in business in recent weeks. Dharma Raj Shrestha, chairman of OAPC, said they were recording daily sales of around Rs 50,000, up from around Rs 20,000 couple of months ago. “People´s growing preference for organic vegetables shows that there is a great scope for organic farming in Nepal. But the costly certification system is discouraging farmers,” Shrestha said.

According to Shrestha, farmers have to spend almost Rs 600,000 for the certification process. OAPC has been giving space for organic vegetables grown by 19 farms. It has separate stalls for major vegetables.

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