Photos and Video from Nepali Sanskritik Sanjh

Nepalese Society Texas (NST) organized a Nepali cultural event “Nepali Sanskritik Sanjh” on February 27, 2010 in Irving with performances by popular Nepali artists and some local talents.

Below are some selected photos from the event:

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Update – February 26, 2011

We are republishing full video clips from the event today for everyone to view, which were removed from this blog post on request from Manoj Gajurel and his team since his U.S. tour had not ended then.

Video Highlights from the Event



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      1. I talked to Pratyasit and he told me that you had danced around the end of the show. Your dance must be in the last part of the video (part 3). When you posted this comment part 3 was not uploaded yet. However all the videos has been removed, for now, on request from Manoj Gajurel since he is still due to perform at other cities. The videos will be available here once his programs (US tour) ends.

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