Pioneering Nepali Cartoonist ‘Jyapoo’ Passes Away

Source: Republica
Source: Republica

Ujjwol Kundan ‘Jyapoo’, one of the pioneers of the cartoon scene of Nepal, passed away Sunday morning at the age of 59.

A talented cartoonist with a bold sense of humor, Jyapoo is mostly known for his satirical illustrations and caricatures published during the Panchayat regime. He worked for Saptahik Manch and Saptahik Bimarsha consecutively during that time. When the censorship of the then autocratic rule hit hard at his freedom of expression, Jyapoo submitted his satiric cartoons to be published in the Indian weekly, Din Man, which only increased his popularity and further strengthened his ability as a cartoonist.

Rabin Sayami, Art Editor at Nepali Republic Media, remarked, “He was an exemplary cartoonist. The fineness of his lines and the vividness of his facial caricatures are incredible.”

Jyapoo is also applauded for his role as the chief editor for the first four editions of popular art magazine ‘Bhadbhailo’, which was published every year on the occasion of Gai Jatra and gave artists and cartoonists the opportunity to express themselves freely without much censorship. Besides, he also did illustrations for many primary level course books, and also contributed cartoons and illustrations for UNICEF’s comic books for children.

Sharad Ranjit, cartoonist and one of Jyapoo’s contemporaries, says that the Nepali cartoon fraternity will forever miss his presence. “His work will never fail to inspire us,” he says.

Born in 1954 at Nhusaal, Jhochhen in Kathmandu, Jyapoo was suffering from cancer. He is survived by a son and a daughter.

Source: Republica

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