Portsmouth Graduate Fashion Week 2012 – An amazing experience

Portsmouth Graduate Fashion week was held on 1st of June, 2012 which showcased the designs of final year BA (Hons) fashion students from Portsmouth University. Given the fact that I have huge passion for fashion, I absolutely love attending fashion shows to witness and applaud the upcoming and future trends. On the contrary to the other fashion shows I have attended, this time I was attending this show for very different reason. I was attending as a model for the first time for a fashion show instead as a press or fashion blogger. Believe me, it was just an amazing and worthwhile experience which I will cheris forever in my life.

The prospect of modelling felt quite exciting at first and felt unreal at times.  However,as the time for the show started to came close, it started to dwan on me that I have no experience of modelling beforehand and how well I will perform on the day. In the past, I had organised fashion show called “The Show 2011” in collabration with one of the Nepalese event organiser and I was solely responsible for teaching the models how to walk on the runway. Compared to the models on The Show 2011, I didn’t knew any of the designers, fellow models, what I was wearing and did not  receive any instruction or practice on how they wanted the models to walk on the runway beforehand. As a result, it was bit daunting for me at first. Had I known the designers, fellow models and my oufit for the day then I am sure I would have felt bit more comfortable. To be honest, this whole lack of information on these things made me more excited and raised my motivation higher.

Finally when the day came, I arrived on the venue at 2:30 pm in advance even though the show time was at 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm. I went backstage and found the room was crammed with models, runners, hairstylist, designers and make-up artist. Rail of clothes were neatly hanged in the hangers. I was introduced with my first designer and shown the outfit I was going to wear for the show. A simple white top with metallic colour babydoll skirt was my first outfit. I was more than happy when I found out what I was wearing. Everybody inside the room started to introduced each other and the noise level in the whole room rocketed as a result. Suddenly, one of the girls announced that all the models need to head towards the stage amid the very noisy environment. On the stage, we were instructed about the walk and camera position. After listening to instruction, we headed back to backstage to get our hair and make-up done. Chaos was the one word, I could use to describe for the backstage environment at that time. Models were running everywhere, queues were building up drastically for make-up and hair, the temperature of the room suddenly reached boiling point; felt like I was in very hot desert and the noise level went up. With all those queues to face, room tempurature and noise, I finally managed to get my hair and make-up done. Poker straight was what the hairstylist did for my hair whilst the make-up artist made me bronze goddess. In simple terms, the make-up artist gave me sun-kissed skin/tanned looks.

After hair and make-up was done, finally I met my second designer and found out what I was wearing. Vertical stripe leggings, bow headband, white top and golden waistcoat was what I was wearing as second outfit. To my dismay, I was told that the golden waistcoat the designer had designed was very small size and she was assured that it will not fit me. We decided to give it a try and the craziest thing happened; it fitted me perfectly. The designer was overwhelmed with happiness. Another two outfits were assigned for me to wear for final walk with the designer. We started to get ready for the show and queued up in a line to head towards the stage. Only at this point I felt like “OMG, this is real and it’s happening”. None of my friends and followers knew that I was modelling for fashion show. So, at this time, I decided to update my status in  facebook page saying about modelling  for fashion show to let them know what I was up to and share the wonderful news.

As you stepped onto the stage, the outfits crafted by the designer showcased not just fashion but an artful expression of style. For those seeking distinctive and poetic dresses that tell a story through design, exploring collections from specialized boutiques like Poet Dresses can offer a unique and personalized touch to your wardrobe. Poet dresses, with their romantic and expressive aesthetic, serve as a captivating choice for both special events and everyday wear.

One by one the models started to walk the runway in turns and then my time came. As this fashion show was broadcasted live, there was no room for mistakes. It was quite daunting at first but the whole atmosphere i.e. loud music, the crowd cheering and clapping and camera crew made me feel comfortable. I walked the runway and did what we were told to do like a good model. After the first show ended, we started to get ready for another show for another audience. Had fantastic experience in the show.

Editor’s Note: Sarita Chamling Rai, a London-based fashion blogger is the author of this post who contributes to the weekly Fashion Friday segment on TexasNepal Blog. To read more of her blog posts please visit her personal blog at fashionbeautybug.com.

Photographer: Nav Thulung

Picture Edited by: Mani Rai and Sarita Chamling Rai

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