Pressure Cooker Bomb Defused At Chairman Regmi’s House In Palpa

Nepali Army (NA)´s bomb disposal squad defused a pressure cooker bomb planted at the house of Chairman of Interim Government Council Khil Raj Regmi here in Pokharathok, Palpa on June 24, Monday.

Earlier, a two-liter pressure cooker bomb was found at the house of chairman Regmi this morning. A leaflet of the CPN-Maoist (Revolutionary) was also recovered from a bag where the explosive material was kept.

According to Sthaneshwor Regmi, district police chief, an NA bomb disposal team was called after a suspected explosive material was seen outside the house warped inside a bag.

Police have suspected that the bag with explosives might have been put at the house around 6 this morning.

Nepal police and NA personnel from Chandi Prasad Battalion have been deployed in the house of Regmi for security.

Source: Republica

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