Prez, Vice Prez, PM greet nation on Tamu Lhosar

In a message on the occasion of the Tamu Lhosar on Friday (December 30), President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav has extended best wishes for happiness, peace and prosperity to the people of the Tamu community at home and abroad.

The President has, in the message, said that national festivals will help foster the feelings of brotherhood and unity among the Nepalis living in the mountainous region, the hilly region and the Tarai Madhes region (southern plains) of the country.

He also wished that this festival inspires us all to promote and develop mutual fraternity and goodwill by protecting regional, ethnic and social reconciliation and co-existence.

Similarly, Vice-president Paramananda Jha, in a message of best wishes on the occasion, noted that the among the different festivals of our country that is full of diverse cultures, festivals and unique ethos, the festival of Tamu Lhosar is a popular festival celebrated by the Gurung peoples.

The Vice President expressed best wishes to the people of the Gurung community living in the country and abroad and all Nepalis for their good health, peace, prosperity and progress.

The Vice-president has urged the people of Gurung community to preserve their costumes and languages that depict the historicity of the community.

“May this festival bring all the Nepalis together and inspire all to move forward on the path of collaboration and consensus for writing of the new constitution,” he wished.

Photo: Rajesh Koirala/THT

Similarly, Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattrai has extended hearty best wishes for happiness, peace and prosperity to the people of the Tamu community at home and abroad on the occasion of their great festival of Tamu Lhosar.

In his message of best wishes on the occasion, Prime Minister Dr. Bhattarai has said- Our country is a unique epitome of multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural uniqueness.

He noted that the national unity and prestige in the midst of these diversities has become our national identity.

Stating that the Tamu community is rich in terms of language, culture and tradition, the prime minister said the contribution made by this community in the country while promoting and developing own folk culture is exemplary and laudable.

The prime minister wished that the festival of Tamu Lhosar this year would bring new enthusiasm, vigour and zeal among all the Tamu people and promote fraternity and closeness among all the Nepalis.

Likewise, President of the Nepali Congress, Sushil Koirala has greeted the sisters and brothers of the Tamu community today on the occasion of their festival of Lhosar, wishing them happiness, peace and prosperity.

He said we Nepalis have the special tradition of giving high respect to each others´ language, religion and customs.

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