Proud Nepalis Uges And Diwas Rock Out In ‘Hami Nepali’

Uges Limbu is back with a brand new single and it comes with a music video too! Titled ‘Hami Nepali’, the patriotic song features Diwas Gurung of the band Ayurveda on the lead guitars.

The single filled with feelings of nationality has been written and composed by Uges. However, both the song and video were made a year ago. The Normal Academic rocker shared that he was planning to redo the video but decided otherwise after receiving good feedback for the visual.

‘Hami Nepali’ also comes with a bonus track that is the cover of Gopal Yonzone’s classic ‘Baneko Chha…’. It’s been performed by both Uges and Diwas.


Diwas Gurung is also active in his other two side projects Photoreal and The Rungs.

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