QFX Cinema’s Newest Multiplex Now Opened at Labim Mall, Pulchowk

QFX Cinemas opened at Labim Mall, Pulchowk

After organising special screenings to invitees only on the New Year’s day of 2073 (April 13, 2016), the leading chain of multiplex QFX Cinemas officially opened the new multiplex at Pulchowk to public from Friday (April 15, 2016).

QFX Labim Mall Launched

The newly opened outlet at Labim Mall has finally come into operation after years of anticipation. The cinema halls boast high resolution 4K digital cinema projection system for crystal clear visual delights, 4-way sound system, and superior 3D capabilities. In addition, seats have been cut to 180 per theatre, translating into more space for seating and leg room, ensuring a more comfortable viewing.


Just like since their inception, QFX Cinemas are certain to amplify the cinema-going experience in the city.

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