Rojesh Maharjan Biking for a Cause — Austin to Alaska

Rojesh Maharjan for Texas 4000Rojesh Maharjan, an electrical engineering student at UT Austin, will be cycling over 4500 miles next summer as part of the charity ride by Texas 4000 to raise fund for cancer research.

Rojesh felt doing something for the cure of cancer when his grandfather, a patient of liver cancer, passed away two years ago. After joining the University of Texas at Austin Rojesh came across the Livestrong Sense Corp Texas 4000, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting cancer. He wanted to be a part of it. He applied twice and finally made it into the organization last spring.

Texas 4000 is the longest charity ride in the world where a group of 58 UT students travel over 4500 miles from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska during their 70-day journey — all on a bicycle. Along the way they spread message, knowledge and hope to people they meet.

Rojesh will begin his journey in the summer of 2012. Every rider joining the Texas 4000 is responsible for raising at least $4500 — a dollar for every mile they ride. Till today the organization has already raised over 1.5 million dollars, in seven years. All fund collected by Texas 4000 goes towards cancer research via various research institutes like the MD Anderson Cancer Center, UT Biomedical Engineering department and others.

Click here to read a letter from Rojesh Maharjan about his participation at Texas 4000.

About Rojesh Maharjan

Rojesh maharjanRojesh wash born om March 27, 1991 in Kathmandu. He finished his school from Nepal and came to the United States to join his family in 2005. He attended Trinity High School in Euless. He is currently attending the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Electrical Engineering and has two more years to finish his degree for UT Austin.

Learn More – View Rojesh’s profile on Texas 4000’s website.

Make a Donation

To donate to Texas 4000 via Rojesh Maharjan please send your check made payable to Texas 4000 and include Rojesh Maharjan in the memo line.

You can also make online donation using paypal at website. Click the “Make a Donation” button to go to Paypal. Enter the donation amount and include Rojesh Maharjan in the description.

For more details about the ride please visit or contact Rojesh at 817-896-0984 or email him at [email protected].

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