Sarishma’s Passion

After a long hiatus since living in the US with husband Sanjeev Pradhan, singer Sarishma Amatya has finally emerged with a fresh offering. During the couple’s recent vacation in Nepal, Amatya has released the album titled “Passion” under the label of Rise Music.

The disc, which took seven years to complete, has a total of 13 songs including some of her older hits such as “Nidharma Tika”, “Dhuk Dhuk Garne”, “Ma Timilai Maya” and “Kina Timi”. Music video for one of the new singles “Timro Maya” has already been released and is currently getting airplay on television. The pop singer is said to make the album available also in the US soon.

In their next visit to the home country, Pradhan will be releasing his new material.

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