Shaking Things Up In New York: Normal Academic

A Nepali punk rock band making a mark in the US, Normal Academic combines the talent of Uges Limbu, Bz Yong Hang, Neeraj Shrestha, and Sukra Thakali. Founded by Uges, the group is currently based in New York City.  They have come up with a number of songs released through their own production house Gharmai Record Production.

One of their singles is “Gahiro Ankha 2” featuring Puja Rai. Written by Yozen Limbu and Kristina Gurung  and composed by Uges, it has a nice rocking punch to it and Uges has also done a great job with the vocals.

Apart from being part of Academic, lead vocalist Uges is also involved in side project which is his solo work. His latest release is called “Manzil Dur” which is a beautiful song and as the title suggests, it’s performed not in Nepali but in Urdu/Hindi language. The singer claims it’s probably the first original Nepalese record to be composed and sung in such a manner.

The videos for both the songs haven’t come out yet but you can check out the tracks on youtube.

In other Normal Academic news, they will soon be performing live. The boys will get the chance to share the stage with one of the biggest Nepali rock bands 1974AD who will be reuniting with their estranged member Firoz Syangden for the show. The concert is set to take place on April 21, Saturday. Their CDs and other merchandise will also be available at the venue.

Venue: Armenian Church, 630 Second Avenue (34th Street), Manhattan

Time: 5:00pm – 2:00am

Gahiro Ankha 2

Manzil Dur


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