Smoking kills one Nepali every 30 minutes

Smoking Woman of Far West Nepal
Smoking Woman of Far West Nepal - Photo
Recent study shows that consumption of tobacco-related products is responsible for death of a Nepali every 30 minutes in Nepal.

Nepal Government’s decision to ban smoking in public places goes into effect from today. According to the new rule smoking is not allowed in government offices, educational institutions, airport, airlines, public vehicles, child welfare centers, child rehabilitation center, public toilets, industry and factories. Anyone found smoking in these places could face a fine of Rs 100 or expelled from the place or both. The new rule also forces sellers and distributors or tobacco-related products to make consumers aware that smoking is injurious to health.

Nepal Cancer Relief Society and various other agencies had been advocating against smoking in public places for almost three decades. This new rule is expected to discourage smoking and could significantly drop the number of smoking-related diseases.

[News sources – RSS and Republica]

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