Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trends

One of the most interesting thing about fashion is predicting the future trends ahead of the fall. The spring/summer 2012 is not here yet and there has already been many predictions about the s/s 2012 fashion trends by different fashion designers, bloggers and magazines etc. However, at the end of the day, what makes those ‘trends’ into the most ‘trending trend’ depends on the consumers, simply ‘us’.

Fashion, in my opinion, is a powerful and creative tool which assist people to express their personality, individuality and sets them apart from the rest. Every fall comes with variety of fashion trends. Yet, there is no compulsion for us to follow every single trend that becomes popular. In my perspective, before following any fashion trend, people need to assess whether it suits their personality, body shape and more importantly themselves or not. In the wake of the s/s 2012 trends prediction, I have decided to forecast the s/s 2012 trends in my first post and showcase some of the trends I will be definitely following this year.

Fashion Friday - January 13, 2012

Pencil skirt worn in the above picture is one of the trends I believe will be popular in S/S 2012. Stripes are yet back in fashion again this year. It’s worth investing in these skirts as you can wear ‘in office’ and ‘out of office’.

Fashion Friday - January 13, 2012

Always have one white outfit in your closet for summer. White colour outfit does not absorb heat like black ones and will keep you cool during summer. I’ll be wearing this shoulder white dress to keep myself cool from the summer heat.

Fashion Friday - January 13, 2012

Spots/Polka dots are one of the trends I assume will be quite popular this summer. Stella McCartney’s sheer spots/polka dress was hugely popular among the fashionistas last year. Also Blazers has been in fashion circuit for few years now and bear in mind, they are here to stay for a while.

Fashion Friday - January 13, 2012

Prints will be one of the popular trend in fashion circuit. Beautiful soft prints, like the one worn above will be all over the high street this summer. The big brands such as Versace, Prabal Gurung and Burberry have already showcased amazing prints for this fall. You will not regret buying prints this summer.

Fashion Friday - January 13, 2012

Invest in lace this summer. You can buy from lace top to dress. Kate Middleton has been seen wearing lace recently. Lace is very feminine and will make you look classy. I will be wearing lace top, shown on picture above with beautiful pleated polka dotted skirt.

Colour blocking (clashing two bright outfits) is what I will be doing this summer with my outfits. Yes, it was a big hit last year and I still can’t get over it. I will definitely play with colourful outfits this summer. Given the miserable economic conditions, I think we need to at least put some effort to brighten our outfit and put a smile in this ‘doom’ and ‘gloom’  economic environment.

Well, these are some of the trends I will be following this summer. Please do not hesitate to share your fashion trends for S/S 2012. Till then Sayonara, Adios, Goodbye and most importantly ‘Feri Bhetaula’. Thank you for reading this painfully long article.

Photographers – Nav Rai, Mani Rai and Chhimmi Dholkar Gurung

Editor’s Note: Sarita Chamling Rai, a London-based fashion blogger is the author of this post who contributes to the weekly Fashion Friday segment on TexasNepal Blog. To read more of her blog posts please visit her personal blog at fashionbeautybug.com.

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