Steemit, A New Way To Share Cool Posts Online & Earn Money!

steemit Meetup Nepal 2016

You post cool stuff on Facebook or other social networking sites. People love what you have to share and thus, you get showered with ‘likes’ after ‘likes’. Now, just imagine getting paid for each ‘like’ you get. Ah-ha! Sounds great, doesn’t it?! Well, that has now been turned into a reality, thanks to Steemit!

With an aim of bringing people together talk about a new blockchain based social media platform called Steemit, a meetup event is being organised at Nirvana Garden Hotel, Thamel. Steemit Meetup Nepal 2016 is happening on August 13, 2016, Saturday.

Here’s the link to the Facebook Event Page is the online community that pays you to have better conversations on just about anything. It is where people (both users/non-users of Steemit) get rewarded for the content they share at the platform which can be anything -a blog, article, photos, videos, jokes, comments, memes, ideas.

The earlier you up-vote great posts and interesting comments, the more Steemit rewards you. In other words, the more number of likes and comments you get, the more money you will earn. Rewards are paid as Steem Dollars, which are virtual tokens worth about one U.S. dollar. Not just that. You’re also rewarded with Steem Power, a token that boosts your voting influence and ability to earn even more rewards.

Steemit’s digital currency is open to the public and fully transparent, so everyone can ensure it stays secure, reliable and safe for the community.

The weekend program will brief on the introduction of Steemit, Question and Answers session with the audience and lunch. Not to forget, distribution of free Steemit t-shirts!

So what are you waiting for?! Join in, share your favorite content and get free Steem Power by signing up today at It’s a chance you ought not to miss out on!


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