Superstar Rajesh Hamal Confirms His Wedding For Jestha!

Kollywood superstar Rajesh Hamal is finally set to wed, for real this time! The actor has announced he is changing his status from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘married’. Hamal is tying the knot with his longtime girlfriend Madhu Bhattarai in the second week of Jestha.

Source: Ekantipur
Source: Ekantipur

As reported by Ekantipur, Hamal’s wedding rituals will have a bit of western influence. On May 14 (Baisakh 31, 2017), the star is said to propose his Dharane lady in his own romantic way during a candlelight dinner and then other wedding plans will commence once she says ‘Yes!’

Hamal, both of whose parents have passed away, has repeatedly said that the wedding ceremony will be very private and small attended by close family and friends. He’s made sure all his sisters currently living in the US will be here in Nepal when he ties the knot.

Hamal and Bhattarai had met at a formal program that took place some years ago at a 5-star hotel.


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