TexasNepal.com presents Timro Muhaar Official Music Video

‘Timro Muhaar’ official music video is first music video presentation by TexasNepal.com — directed and edited by TexasNepal videographer Rajan Odari.

The music video was premiered at a function organized by Raksirakaam production at Temptation Cuisine in Irving, Texas on December 2, 2011.


Singers: Momo Veltang (Bipin Thakali), Kay Tafari (Swarnim Gurung), Jay Tuladhar

Models: Ang Lakpa Sherpa, Aayush Shakya, Saurav Pokhrel, Samarpan Shrestha

Make-up Artist: Preeyanka Parajuli

Beats produced by rockitpro.com

0 thoughts on “TexasNepal.com presents Timro Muhaar Official Music Video”

  1. Lyrics is good,and the music is the best part of this song, however the pattern of rap doesn’t fit the music, it would be really awesome song if you guys sing this song in slow rap pattern in the same music…. Although I appreciated you guys and your work……

    1. I dont think there is such a thing called ” pattern ” in rap, there is no slow rap or fast rap, its jst RAP and their style. Rap is all about fittin the story, the verses in the track and the only thing matters is what it sound like and TBH i like the flow and the way it sounds or i wouldnt be listening to it more than 20 times awready and m still listening to it the mean time m writing this response. if slow rap was the only thing to slow beat busta rhymes wouldnt be making it a dime. m not sayin either guys is as fast or as good as busta rhymes bt i can picture Busta and rick ross from SO IN LOVE remix to this fine piece this youths have given out to. so no complains 🙂

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