The Dov Simens 2 Day Film School Coming To Nepal

Considered one of the most successful filmmaking workshops in the world, The Dov Simens’ 2 day Film School is now coming to Nepal. The event will be held on January 22–23 at Nepal Tourism Board.


Dov Simens, the filmmaking genius and Founder of Hollywood Film Institute, has conducted the world famous workshop in 34 countries. The Nepal edition is being organised by Kathmandu School of Cinema and the US Embassy, Kathmandu.

The workshop will focus mainly on the business part of the show business and will teach students how to create and sell stories within a limited budget. This program is expected to be fruitful for Nepal and Nepali film industry since the country has the location and talent but limited resources and Nepali films are rarely played internationally.

From this workshop, Nepali film industry will learn to go global. Nepali students and filmmakers will be taught the technique of selling their art globally and ways to represent their film in international film festivals like Cannes and Sundance. The two-day event will also cover topics like screen writing, editing, shooting, marketing, distributing and among many others.

Simens is guru to several legendary actors/directors who launched their filmmaking careers after taking his classes. Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie, Christopher Nolan, Spike Lee, Will Smith, Spike Lee and George Clooney are among those who had previously attended this workshop.

The cost of the two-day workshop is Rs 6,000 and is open to everyone from established filmmaker to the students new to filmmaking.

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