The Street of a Thousand Blossoms: Book Review

thousand blossoms

While browsing through a book store, I stumbled upon a book titled “The Street of a Thousand Blossoms” written by Gail Tsukiyama. The title itself sounded beautiful and immediately caught my attention. Upon reading the book, I found the content to be equally enthralling. Set in Tokyo, Japan during the time of war with the USA, and spanning a time frame of three decades, the heartrending story is about the lives of two brothers, Hiroshi and Kenji who were orphaned at a young age and raised by their loving grandparents. The book deals with hope, courage, family ties and following your dreams, even in difficult times and it follows the hopes and ambitions of the two brothers and the obstacles they face while pursuing their goals.

The writer has depicted war as an atrocious event in which innocent people suffer at the hands of those in power and how it changes peoples’ lives and everything around them. She has beautifully portrayed each scene in graphic detail bringing the story, characters and a bygone era to life. In addition to this, the writers’ vivid portrayal of the Japanese culture, traditions and practices is like the icing on the cake which adds to the beauty and melodrama of the story line.


A must read for book lovers, here are some beautiful quotes from the novel:

  • “Just remember, Every day of your lives, you must always be sure what you’re fighting for.”
  • “We live a short enough time on this earth. A man should do what he loves.”
  • “Don’t you think every face tells its own story? Like a book? More like a poem. If you study it long enough, you’ll soon find its meaning.”
  • “To be noble,. . .was to account for the life you lived, to always account for your mistakes, and to have dignity and worth.”
  • “But how will I know it’s my destiny?”Like love it will possess you… You can’t help but know.”


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