There is a crime..the evidences are invisible!!

Some are arrested for murders. Some are arrested for physically harming others. Some even get arrested for trying to kill themselves. The world has made a law, a law that protects an individual from getting harmed by another individual. There are every kind of laws and regulations to protect physical and visible pain. Why is there no law for those invisible pains? If someone breaks your leg, they go to jail. If someone breaks your heart they get away with it..I thought heart values more then a leg…If we compare the pain, the broken heart bears much more and longer pain then a broken leg does. There are rules and regulations of all kind. Why is there no rules for breaking someone’s heart, for making someone cry, for deceiving, for lying. Since there is no rules, perhaps its ok to do such things. Do people really have the right to break others hurt? To pain them, to make them miserable? And then to leave, Just leave?

Its a strange world we live in. If you have a broken leg, you call 911. You can go see a doctor, who can help you. You can see the broken leg, so there are many measures you can take. But if you have a broken heart, there is no one you can call, no one who can come and help, no one who can heal the pain. There is no doctor who can fix it. Your heart can cry and bleed all that it wants, there aint nothing you can do coz you just cant see it. Since everything that can be seen and touched has more value then anything else. How nice would it be, if anything unseen didn’t exist at all. There would be no pain.

Why do people go through the pain they don’t deserve? There are all sorts of tools that answers every kind of questions, however there aint no tool that will answer my question. I wonder sometime, if there was actually a law that would punish people for breaking hearts and hurting others, many hearts would probably be alive today. Its the good heart that usually gets hurt, its the bad people who always does wrong. I think people are what they are, they dont have to try hard to be bad or good. Are we been wrong all this time? Is this a world of evil? What if being good is actually a bad thing? Can good still try and be bad? I actually have an answer to this. And the answer is “No”. A good can be hurt million times, a good can cry hundred of rivers, yet a good can never be bad. But I still wonder, Is there a 911 that handles a broken heart case? If evidences are required, evidences do exist. Its just that they are Invisible.

Nisha Pradhan


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